UPDATE May 22nd: All packages have shipped! We will be organizing tracking information throughout the day as they come in from our shippers and we will be updating accounts with tracking!
When we re-open this week, the minimum is returning to $250. It should help cut out a lot of tiny orders and keep speeds up. * We are closing off new orders for the next three days so we can catch up current orders (if you already place an order, you're fine). If you wish to order anyway, just know the order will not ship until after our official re-opening.
* Between the promo and the summer rush, we need the next few days to catch-up and ship all orders.
* We'll send out a mass e-mail and update this message when we re-open, which should be three days.
* Check our awesome reviews here: www.eroids.com/reviews/levram.us

Minimum Order: $250.00
Delivery Times: 2 to 10 Business Days, fastest you've ever had :)
Packaging Info: Discreet, Leak Proof, Padded, NO Signature Required.
BitCoin Orders: Checkout with any payment option and type BITCOIN in the comments.
Great Pricing!: Keep our DOSAGES in mind when looking at price, you get MORE for your money here.

**Any package from ST.PB FL is an American copycat and not us! Do not purchase from these stateside fakes!
**E-mail: Support@Levram.us is the ONLY e-mail we use! We have NO REPS or other e-mails!
**Guest under age 21 will be IGNORED. You're too young to research with these products!
**DON"T inquire about narcotics/recreational drugs! You'll be banned, ignored & reported. FITNESS PRODUCTS ONLY!
**Abaxen Oils: Our Bulgarian pharmaceutical manufacturers use ONLY the highest quality carrier oils and solvents in their Abaxen line. This enables high dose products with minimal to no injection pain.